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Are your visual communication and traditional marketing strategies meeting current industry standards? Get the best ideas from an experienced team of creative designers and marketers. We move seamlessly through our various medias and every design takes into considering the technical requirements needed by each. A well thought out and planned visual strategy becomes an investment that sells, educates and connects you with your customers. LET’S CHAT!
Get the best ideas and a well thought out and planned visual design from an experienced team of creative designers and marketers.

Content Writing

Content goes a long way when it comes to the written word in your designs.  You want clients to have an easy time understanding while still delivering a detailed write-up. Content also plays an important role in your digital marketing and search engine results. Strand Media can provide industry specific content writing for your marketing needs.

Graphic Design

Visual marketing and communication can be optimized through the use of type, color, layout and imagery. Boost appeal to potential clients and utilize the most attractive marketing material. Updated signs, vehicle decals, and business cards convey professionalism. We can create an identity across all platforms of your business to portray both the personality and mood of your organization.

Logo Design

A logo is the most important part of any marketing strategy, it serves as the foundation for all your other materials. A great logo design is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate for your target audience. At Strand Media we will give your organization a professional and strong identity that you can rely on for years to come.


A brand is about more than your logo, colors, design and fonts. A brand needs to be conveyed across your whole marketing strategy. Photography should be consistent, utilizing specific types of photos. Your videos should portray confidence and professionalism whether for use on the web or television. Your radio ads need to be clear and concise.


Need a caricature or cartoon illustration that can be used as avatars to portray your employees in your marketing materials? Maybe you require a drawing for something specific that can be used alongside your design or brand? Strand Media offers illustration solutions and services that can be reworked into a vector file for uses across most medias.


Infographics serve as visual designs that represent information. Using infographics to present data quickly and clearly to your viewers can have a huge impact on your marketing strategy. Easily digestible content is appropriate across any platform and serves as a great engagement tool. Use them online, in print, on signs or even slap them on a promotional or apparel item.
Understanding Your Target Audience  
Connect With Your Audience Through Creative Design, Writing and Media
When customers resonate with your company brand and messaging, they become your biggest supporters. Developing a brand and marketing strategy go hand in hand. Using the right tools, resources and solutions can boost your business exponentially. Whether for an existing or new business, Strand Media can help you plan and design your branding strategy.