Business Tools That Help You Organize

Strengthen your business workflow strategy with the proper tools

Streamline Communication & Automate Routine Tasks

Efficiently manage your daily work tasks with smart and innovative business tools that will elevate your organization to the next level. Current technology allows us remove the physical space that paper documents consume. Using up-to-date processes can save you money and automate inefficient processes while also enhancing your customers experience. LET’S CHAT!
Vinyl banners are the most cost effective type of signage available, great for temporary events that need attention. We carefully hem the edges and add grommets to give you endless display options
Storefront Signs
One of the most important investments you will make is your storefront sign. They are extremely important in attracting the attention of potential customers. Strand Media works closely with business owners to create custom signage that will fit within your budget. Whether you would like neon, LED, or 3D, Strand Media can help with it all!
Dimensional Signs
2D signs get the job done, but 3D signs and dimensional letters are much more appealing and interesting to look at. Whatever sign material you could want your 3D sign made of, we have it and we’ll make it. Contact us with any questions and we can provide you with an estimate and talk about the different options available.
Trade Signs
Tradesmen are often working at different job sites. Let people know whose work is it by putting your own sign in the ground at all your sites! We offer durable metal-framed signs, as well as coroplast lawn signs.
Tradeshow Displays
Whether you have an existing design that you would like printed, or if you would like us to design a unique banner for you, the displays we make are sure to attract attention to your product or service in any situation.
Tradeshow Products
Do you have a trade show coming up? Allow Strand Media to help you design a booth that will attract potential clients! We make a wide range of roll-up and pop-up banners that are easy to transport in a small bundle and can be put together in minutes.
Access Data Instantly, Accelerate Timelines, Automate Inefficient Processes And Collect Data In Real Time, All While Saving Money

Document Scanning

Reduce traditional paper records and increase productivity with advances in technology and digital communications. The challenges related to paper documents continues to present a real and growing challenge to business. Document scanning can reduce storage costs, improve response time on customer service inquiries and maintain recovery in event of a disaster.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation equals greater productivity. Create criteria for the program to do exactly what it needs to. Streamline management of information and accelerate the speed of data that is sent while improving quality through automated checklists. Simplify workflow and collaboration while maintaining security and reducing labour costs to improve productivity.

It’s Time To Stop With Time Wasting Practices

Organization In Any Business Is The Key To Success, Improving Productivity And Compliance

Moving paper throughout an organization is tedious at best. In an effort to try to prevent total loss, copies are often made first, resulting in more storage and introducing time delays. Data collection and document scanning creates a security structure for your documents, can be viewed instantly and filtered easily, translating that data into visualizations and/or customer reports.