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multi-channel marketing


Are you implementing a single, consistent brand and message across multiple marketing channels? Multi-channel marketing allows you to cast a wider net. This strategy targets your audience on channels they’re most comfortable interacting with. For many this often includes websites, social media, email, search engines or pay per click (ppc). Others prefer to learn about […]

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A good-looking website is the first step to developing a digital marketing strategy

A Good-Looking Website Is Only The First Step

Not all business owners recognize a well-designed website is essential. Often, it feels like Facebook or a different social media platform is good enough. Others believe a good-looking website is all they need for their online presence. Yet, this is unfortunately not the case if you want to your target audience to find you. It’s […]

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Who actually owns your website? Blog post feature image

Do You Own Your Website Domain & Other Properties?

If we asked you, “Who owns your website properties?”. Most business owners would answer along the lines of, “I paid good money to a website design company to create my site, of course I own it!”. Unfortunately, this is not reality. But, why would you not own what you paid for? The fact is that […]

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Create A Competitive Analysis and improve your digital marketing strategy - Blog Feature Image

Create A Competitor Analysis & Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Information you collect about your competitors is referred to as A Competitor Analysis. Researching your competitors is critical to your success as a business. Providing you with information on trends while allowing you to adapt your strategy. It can be difficult to create a competitor analysis. We’ve done our best to try and break down […]

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What is a competitive analysis - Feature Blog Image

What Is A Competitive Analysis & Why Do You Need One?

When was the last time you had a competitive analysis performed for your business? More importantly, do you know what a competitive analysis is and how to do one efficiently? The process involves more than a quick look at a competitor’s website and social media presence. So, what is a competitive analysis? Chances are there’s […]

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Choosing A Target Audience For Your Website - Featured Image

Choosing A Target Audience For Your Website

Websites are great, they can act as a 24/7 salesperson for your business. Their even more beneficial when you know who your ideal customer is. A defined target audience can help develop a more optimized website. Allowing an increase in leads and sales conversion. Which is why developing and choosing a target audience is important. There’s […]

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