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A good-looking website is the first step to developing a digital marketing strategy

A Good-Looking Website Is Only The First Step

Not all business owners recognize a well-designed website is essential. Often, it feels like Facebook or a different social media platform is good enough. Others believe a good-looking website is all they need for their online presence. Yet, this is unfortunately not the case if you want to your target audience to find you. It’s […]

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What is a competitive analysis - Feature Blog Image

What Is A Competitive Analysis & Why Do You Need One?

When was the last time you had a competitive analysis performed for your business? More importantly, do you know what a competitive analysis is and how to do one efficiently? The process involves more than a quick look at a competitor’s website and social media presence. So, what is a competitive analysis? Chances are there’s […]

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Developing Your Digital Marketing Plan

Developing Your Digital Marketing Plan

If you missed our first article, What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy, and you’re new to the world of online marketing strategies, it’s a great place to start. Otherwise, let’s dive deeper into the development of your digital marketing plan. The world of internet marketing can get confusing. Which is why there are professional marketing agencies out […]

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What is a digital marketing strategy?

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Let’s start with a simple answer to the question, what is a digital marketing strategy? Any marketing efforts that happen on the internet or with the use of an electronic device. It is a marketing practice that uses multiple digital tactics and channels to connect with your audience. This includes digital devices, digital platforms, digital […]

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9 Tips For Small Business Marketing On A Low Budget

9 Tips for Small Business Marketing on a LOW BUDGET!

When marketing your small business, especially a start-up, it can seem like everything is out of reach financially. Small business marketing doesn’t need to be expensive. If need be, you can do it yourself on a low budget.  Remember that doing it your self can still be costly. The number one cost being your time. […]

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