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A good-looking website is the first step to developing a digital marketing strategy

A Good-Looking Website Is Only The First Step

Not all business owners recognize a well-designed website is essential. Often, it feels like Facebook or a different social media platform is good enough. Others believe a good-looking website is all they need for their online presence. Yet, this is unfortunately not the case if you want to your target audience to find you. It’s […]

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Why your website needs a blog

6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Blog

If you’re a business owner you’re likely busy running your business. Is it worth the time and effort to maintain a website blog on top of your other important tasks? Here are six reasons why your website needs a blog.   1. Helps Drive Traffic To Your Website   Fresh content can play an important […]

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Create A Competitive Analysis and improve your digital marketing strategy - Blog Feature Image

Create A Competitor Analysis & Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Information you collect about your competitors is referred to as A Competitor Analysis. Researching your competitors is critical to your success as a business. Providing you with information on trends while allowing you to adapt your strategy. It can be difficult to create a competitor analysis. We’ve done our best to try and break down […]

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What is a competitive analysis - Feature Blog Image

What Is A Competitive Analysis & Why Do You Need One?

When was the last time you had a competitive analysis performed for your business? More importantly, do you know what a competitive analysis is and how to do one efficiently? The process involves more than a quick look at a competitor’s website and social media presence. So, what is a competitive analysis? Chances are there’s […]

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Do I Need A Website For My Business? - Blog Featured Image

Do I Need A Website For My Business?

In today’s online world it’s easy to believe that having a business website is no longer necessary. There are many brands excelling by using various platforms. That’s fantastic! Therefore, it’s not silly to think to yourself, “Do I need a website for my business?”. The short answer is a definite yes! There are important reasons […]

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