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First of all, Digital Marketing has only one goal, to bring you highly qualified leads. With a full service digital marketing agency in your corner you’ll receive everything needed to drive your target audience to your website. Use digital marketing to understand your customer base. Develop a comprehensive strategy that impacts your leads and sales. For that reason Strand Media provides a variety of digital tactics that are at your disposal. Our solutions will help your business hit your prospects in all stages of the sales funnel.


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Web Design

Your brand is valuable and potential clients need to see and hear about you in today’s digital world. Every business, small or large, needs a well-designed website that stands out. A hub for their digital marketing strategy. Due to online channels taking over news and print, digital marketing continues to become more and more prevalent. People are throwing out their phone books, newspapers and magazines in favor of searching the web. It’s online where they’ll find the services and products they need.

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Paid Advertising

Online advertising provides analytical, tracking and targeting tools that traditional methods can’t deliver. Ads promoting your business on social media channels, by geographic area and interests, results in finishing ahead of a crowded and competitive industry. Paid ads are about more than just running an ad. Above all, paid advertising is about connecting with your target audience in the right way and also at the right time. Target your ideal clients with paid advertising and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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Search Optimization

Every digital marketing strategy needs well thought out SEO. Search Engine Optimization allows your website to be found on Google, Bing and other search engines for popular phrases and keywords. Proper research of keywords and phrases surrounding your industry allows your business to organically show up in search results. Imagine being ranked number one on a google search or your products or services. It’s also wise to capitalize on local and adaptive SEO solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

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Social Media

Your social media strategy should always start with a plan. Who is your audience and how do we best connect with them? How often? In what tone? With the proper digital marketing solutions, social media is a powerful tool for selling your products or services. It’s all about listening, sharing and responding to your customers’ needs and wants.

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Research Analytics

Digital marketing wouldn’t be what it is without the ability to track and report analytics. This includes your website, social media, advertising and email automation. How many people saw your ad? How many clicked on it?  Which social media post types receive the most likes? Most importantly, analyzing stats can allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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Lead Nuturing

Lead nurturing is all about building a system that people want to experience. Keep your audience interested and they’ll keep coming back for more, than work their way through your sales funnel. Therefore, it’s smart to send your database of clients regularly scheduled updates. Use automated systems to guide and educate your leads on the next steps to take.

Strand Media Is Certified WSI Digital Marketing Agency

WSI (We Simplify the Internet) is the world’s largest and most innovative digital marketing agency network. As a WSI Certified Agency, Strand Media and our clients benefit from WSI’s powerful corporate partnerships. This includes some of the top companies in digital marketing; GoogleHubspot and Sharp Spring (to name a few). In other words, Strand Media is able to deliver greater value to our clients, helping their businesses grow by leveraging the internet and online media.
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