Do I Need A Website For My Business?

Is A Website Necessary? I Have Social Media!

Article written by Chris Yaremchuk

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In today’s online world it’s easy to believe that having a business website is no longer necessary. There are many brands excelling by using various platforms. That’s fantastic! Therefore, it’s not silly to think to yourself, “Do I need a website for my business?”. The short answer is a definite yes! There are important reasons why having a website on the internet is a must.

1. You Need An Online Home

Facebook and Instagram engagement are like online word of mouth. Yet, now that you’ve gained viewers interest where are you sending them to learn more? How are you tracking potential leads? Are you nurturing those leads if they’re still a little cold towards buying? A website allows your business to funnel through all your digital marketing efforts. Keeping strategies and analytics flowing through one main hub.

2. Boost Your Brand & Gain Credibility Online

Imagine a place were your customers can go online that resembles your brand. Viewers feel like their entering a virtual version of your store. Building your online brand positions your organization as a serious business. This also gives you a chance to completely customize your users experience. Helping you gain credibility while creating a memory. This makes customers think of you the next time they need to buy services or products you offer.

3. Search Engine Friendly

Have you ever heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? It’s a digital marketing strategy that let’s you reach a wider audience on through search engines. This means Google is on the side of business owners, large and small alike. SEO is what affects the visibility of website pages in organic search results. Use SEO friendly meta data and content to help increase search rankings. This helps your target audience find your services and products much easier.

4. Your Audience Is Yours

Do you recall the days of Nexopia or MSN Messenger? Remember when MySpace wasn’t a music site? What about Vine or Google Plus? Where are they now? Where are current social media platforms headed? With the wave of scandals that have come out of Facebook, their big ride could also be nearing its end. When a social platform disappears… all the followers acquired along with content posted also vanishes. You own your website! Your audience and content remain in your control! You can collect information from viewers interested in your content. More so, you always have complete access to your customers to send news and updates.

5. The Return On Investment (ROI)

Many business owners view a website as an extra expense. “Do I need a website for my business that badly?”. It comes down to having a strategic plan in place. When built properly, websites are an investment that you can expect a return on. Think of your web pages as a 24/7 marketing assistants or salespersons. Proper website design services help drive conversion. This is true whether your business is product or service driven. Your target audience will be able to find you and learn all about your business. A website becomes an easy way for people to engage with your business and brand. When customers know more about who their buying from it builds enough trust for them to act.

Do I Need A Website For My Business Right Now?

A website is a great place to begin developing an online presence. Websites let people know you exist. They provide a way for them to connect and sign up for newsletters or other information. Looking to get your foot in the door and learn more about this crazy internet fad? A simple landing page can also generate amazing results.

How Much Is A Website Going To Cost Me?

Like all businesses, no two websites are going to be the same. Website costs factor in many considerations. Design complexity, functionality, content writing and various other components. Any website developed for your organization must meet your individual business needs.

How Do I Get Started Building My Website?

You asked the question, “Do I need a website for my business?”, and now you have your answer. Yes, you need a website! So how do you get started? There many options out there to “Do It Yourself”. Most DIY web builders don’t offer the functionality of a custom-built website. You also lose out on experienced planning and developing a growth-driven design. Control over your SEO can also be lacking when using DIY website platforms.

Hire a professional website design company. This allows you to plan a well thought out solution. More so, it will ensure your website is mobile responsive and search engine friendly. Strand Media is a digital marketing agency offering strategic website design services. Grow your business and brand online! Target your ideal customer, contact Strand Media today!


August 15, 2019

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