A Good-Looking Website Is Only The First Step

Developing A Great Digital Marketing Strategy

Article written by Chris Yaremchuk

A good-looking website is the first step to developing a digital marketing strategy

Not all business owners recognize a well-designed website is essential. Often, it feels like Facebook or a different social media platform is good enough. Others believe a good-looking website is all they need for their online presence. Yet, this is unfortunately not the case if you want to your target audience to find you.

It’s not about social media vs. websites vs. pay per click or other digital marketing solutions. Above all, it’s about a combined strategy that will target your ideal customers. When you apply proper solutions, it helps drive leads and sales.

Owning A Business Website

You’ve likely asked yourself, “Do I Need A Website For My Business?“. Having a website can create a sense of legitimacy. Your target audience might find you on social media, through a newspaper ad or other means. But most customers next step is to go look at a website to learn more about that business. When potential clients see that you have a website, it gives viewers a sense of legitimacy. If you don’t have a website, a lot of those potential customers will move on to a competitor that does.

You also need a website that appeals to your target audience. One that is easy to navigate so viewers can find what they’re looking for. Set up the layout in a way that drive’s viewers to do what you want them to do with call-to-actions. Learn more

Didn’t You Say I Need More Than A Well-Designed Website?

Yes, but a website design should be your first step when creating an online presence. It needs to represent your brand and please your target audience. It’s a way to give customers all the information they need or want. Information that will help them make a buying decision. Yet, having a website DOES NOT mean people are going to find that website.

The right digital marketing solutions will help your target audience find you. Including strategies that drive qualified traffic to your doorstep. For instance, advertising, content syndication and search optimization. These solutions will help your website rank higher and become more visible to your target audience. Need help choosing a target audience for your website?

Is Your Website Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Having a pretty” or “cool” looking website that resonates with your target market is step #1. But if your target market can’t find it – can your website do its job? Optimizing your website for search will help your website rank higher. You want to focus on search terms your target audience uses to find services and products you offer.

What About Local Search?

Do you have a physical location? Do you depend on people coming to your storefront? It’s important to get listed on online maps. Google, Bing and Apple all offer map listings. These map listings give people that are ready to buy an easy way to find you. They allow potential customers to learn more about your services. While also providing reviews from past customers and all your contact information.

Most potential customers see these map listings before visiting a website. Make sure you keep your listings up to date with current photos, reviews, hours and new services.

Do I Need A Blog For My Business Website?

Blogging serves an important purpose for your website. Search engines like Google love informative content. As a result, writing blogs can help you rank higher and for more search terms. Blogging can position you as an expert in your industry. Potential buyers will perform research before buying. If your blogs are answering their questions their much more likely to come to you when their ready to buy.

Your blogs likely won’t go viral but they will help increase your visibility. Especially when shared on social media and other discussion or forum-based websites.

Still not convinced? Read our 6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Blog.

What About Social Media Marketing?

Social media can be one of the easiest ways to get referrals. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it easy to share and recommended businesses. Best of all it provides a way for you to communicate and engage with your target audience. Including sharing your blog content.

First remember that engaging with customers means being responsive and posting engaging material. An outdated social media page with a lack of content can make the wrong first impression. You also want to make sure you’re sharing content on the right social media for your target audience. Not all demographics populate all social media platforms.

Pay Per Click Advertising Can Also Help!

Paying for online advertising can create brand awareness or help sell a product. There are various platforms and online ad types available depending on your goals. Pay per click advertising can be helpful with emergency-based services. Have a broken pipe and need a plumber as soon as possible? Chances are you won’t spend a lot of time researching. You’re also likely to click the first link offering the services you’re in urgent need of.

Will This Information Help Me Crush My Competition?

There are a ton of solutions to include in a digital marketing strategy. We haven’t covered them all here. But an ideal strategy is one custom-tailored to your unique business and audience. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to online marketing.

If you’re looking to gain a huge leg up on your competition, you need competitor analysis. What is a competitive analysis and why do you need one? A competitive analysis will give insight into what your competitors are and aren’t doing. If you know what they’re doing, you can find out how to do it better. Furthermore, do you know what they aren’t doing? Capitalize on those strategies and open a door to a market your competition is missing out on. Create a competitor analysis and improve your digital marketing strategy!

Does Digital Marketing Make You Feel Overwhelmed?

Like anything in life, digital marketing is about baby steps. Creating a solid structure that you can continue to build on. But, being a business owner can be overwhelming as it is. It takes time to learn, develop and manage a digital marketing strategy. You already have a lot on your plate.

We can help! Strand Media offers branding with traditional and digital marketing services. We custom-tailor solutions for your specific goals and needs. Contact us so we can talk more about your business, online brand and target audience. After that we help you build a marketing strategy that targets your ideal customer. Using solutions that provide you with qualified leads.

February 25, 2020

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