Using A Consistent Marketing Strategy Across Multiple Channels

Article written by Chris Yaremchuk

multi-channel marketing

Are you implementing a single, consistent brand and message across multiple marketing channels? Multi-channel marketing allows you to cast a wider net. This strategy targets your audience on channels they’re most comfortable interacting with. For many this often includes websites, social media, email, search engines or pay per click (ppc). Others prefer to learn about services and products through more traditional means. Including posters, flyers, snail mail, business signs or even by telephone.

It’s important to maintain a consistent brand message across all marketing materials. Yet, you should still maintain the standards of the platforms you’re using. Are you sharing images across various channels? You’ll want to crop photos into sizes that work best with the specific platforms you’re on.

Why is multi-channel marketing so important?

Your target audience is learning about your services and products in more than one place. If you’re not marketing to your ideal customer in those places your competition likely is. The opposite could be true as well. A multi-channel marketing strategy can target individuals that your competition isn’t.

What are the benefits of multi-channel marketing?

  • More attention from viewers and potential customers.
  • Allows customers to use their favorite channel.
  • Allows more touch points in your marketing funnel.
  • Your branding solutions and message remain consistent.

Are there disadvantages with a multi-channel marketing strategy?

  • Your business may prefer using a specific channel. Resulting in potential customers being ignored.
  • There are more moving parts that need management which makes efforts more complex.
  • Increased time, resources and expenses.

How do you use multiple marketing channels together effectively?

Use advertising channels that direct the viewer to a single point of contact. This is often your website. Try a combination of web, tv, radio or print advertising that directs viewers to your website. This takes advantage of the often used, second screen device. For example, what do you do after viewing an advertisement on TV that interests you? Most potential customers will visit the website using their smart phone. A website is the hub of any digital marketing campaign. Take advantage of this by setting up lead generation forms. Include opt-ins for a newsletter or e-books. When viewers give you their contact information, they are often ready to buy. Qualified leads are usually further down the sales process and easier to sell to.

Tracking Where Leads Come From

With digital marketing tools it’s a lot easier to track where leads come from online. But you can use the same above strategy with phone calls. Try implementing tracking numbers on your custom printing and other items. These let you know which marketing materials your calls are coming from. This is especially helpful when marketing through multiple channels. Let’s say you have a radio ad running, postcards/flyers sent out and have various signs set up. You want to know which marketing tools are gaining you the most leads. Furthermore, this determines where to place focus on any marketing efforts and budgets.

How can I run a successful multi-channel marketing campaign?

  1. You need to know who you’re target audience is. But what’s more important, is understanding who you’re target audience is. Developing buyer personas is a great way to maintain a consistent marketing strategy. This way you know exactly who you’re marketing to and can adjust your strategy as needed.
  2. Always be testing the effectiveness of various marketing channels. Your target audience may change. It’s also likely viewers may change how they decide to take in information. If your target audience moves towards a new social media platform for example, you want to be ready.
  3. We mentioned using TV ads that send viewers to websites. And afterwards using lead generation forms to capture their contact information. Make sure the necessary touch points are set up to guide them through your funnel.
  4. Use tools and channels that compliment one another. This allows the creation of a unified and consistent customer experience.
  5. Track your investment! Use advanced analytics to track the effectiveness of different campaigns on various channels. Afterwards, you need to make necessary modifications that improve your marketing strategy.

Hire experienced multi-channel marketing professionals

Strand Media loves to blend both traditional and digital marketing elements together. We can perform a competitive analysis and help develop buyer personas. This allows us to work on a marketing strategy that targets your ideal customer. Wherever they might be. Talk to us, we can help!

March 10, 2020

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