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Measure And Analyze Your Results To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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When it comes to your digital marketing solutions it’s important to measure and analyze each piece of the strategy – from website, search optimization, paid advertising, email marketing and social media. All these unique metrics play a vital role in constantly improving your digital marketing strategy.
When you take advantage of digital marketing services you’re able to measure and track the results of your efforts. You know exactly what you’ve spent, what you got out of it and how to improve the strategy.

Competitor Analysis

With competitive research we can collect and review the information of rival competitors. This research and analytics allows the development of solutions to beat your competitors. Figuring out your competitions strengths and weaknesses lets you know what kind of online threat they are and allows you to develop your own strategy accordingly.

Website Analytics

Measuring and collecting information on your website allows you to know what is and is not working. With website analytics you know the number of site visitors, the number of page views and a vast array of other important information. By reviewing these findings, alterations to the website can be made to increase traffic, leads and conversions.

Paid Search Analytics

Measuring the results of your paid search campaigns provides information on how many people saw your ad, how many viewers clicked, where they live, and more. By reviewing this information changes can be made to the imagery or copy of your ads to improve on clicks, leads and conversions.

Social Media Ad Analytics

Just like paid search, social media advertising can be measured to improve upon your social media advertising campaigns. When running advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. the results speak loudly to what kind of adjustments can be made to improve the quality of the had and increase the click through rate of viewers.
Measure & Track Marketing Results
Stay informed with research and analytics for your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing analytics allows us to measure the results of all your digital marketing efforts. Whether you’re running paid search advertisements, an email campaign or want to know how well your social media efforts are playing out, Strand Media can provide you with the research and analytics to make an informed and educated decision regarding your digital marketing strategy.