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Dye Sublimation Clothing & Fabric

Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing

Dye sublimation allows you to design full colour graphics for light-coloured moisture wicking apparel, where ink infuses directly into the fabric of the shirt. This guarantees there will never be cracking or peeling of your sublimated sportswear over time. Custom sublimated apparel was only available in the cycling industry, with high, restrictive set-up fees and minimum orders. Until now, with new full colour custom sublimated apparel and team uniforms, everyone can enjoy high quality custom sublimated apparel.

Frequently Asked Silk Screening Questions

Why use dye sublimation?

With a sublimation transfer you can print high quality designs on a large surface area of fabric. This allows a design application to be printed directly on shirt fabric, seam to seam.

What types of fabric can be used for sublimation?

Any fabric that is made out of a polyester material, is a polyester treated or polymer coated garment can be used for dye sublimation printing.

Does this mean I can do a full garment design?

Yes, dye sublimation allows for all over seam to seam design on the fabric. However keep in mind that there can be a shift of about 2 inches when printed, so designs that require absolute precise placement on all over printed apparel are not recommended. This type of application however is great for use of patterns.

Is there a minimum order for sublimated fabrics?

No, but with set up fees on dye sublimation it is not cost effective to only have one article of garment printed.

Can I bring in my own clothing?

No, More often than not the material is printed before the garment is manufactured. Dye sublimation is not available for all garment types and is printed seam to seam so you are better off to use one of the pre-approved apparel items that we offer for this type of application.

What are the costs of dye sublimation?

With most design applications to apparel the costs are based on a number of factors. For a accurate quote based on your unique project please contact us.
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