Corporate Apparel Embroidered Clothing

Add Value To Your Apparel With Custom Embroidery

Use embroidery to create a high quality method of branding your corporate and team apparel and products. Embroidery can be used on a number of apparel types including, shirts, jackets, sports uniforms, touques and other garments. Having your organizations name or logo embroidered on your team and corporate clothing looks professional and sends a message to clients about the service they will receive. Embroidered clothing can be used as uniforms for staff members, schools, sports teams and more.

Frequently Asked Embroidery Questions

What's required to get my design embroidered?

Before any embroidery work can be done you need a logo, text, or design that you would like embroidered on your apparel.

Will any file type work for my embroidery?

An image needs to be “digitized” into a file made of stitches in order for the embroidery machine to read the design. There is a fee to “digitize” your design but it is a one time only fee and any time you need that embroidery work done we then have the file to make it happen without additional charges. If you do not have a design we also offer graphic design services. We prefer to work from a PDF, EPS, AI, or CDR file when doing the digitizing on your design but we can also use pixel images, such as JPG, PNG, TIF. The higher quality the image the more accurately your design can be digitized for embroidery.

Can I supply my own items for Embroidery?

Yes of course, you are more than welcome to purchase your own items to be embroidered. Just remember that not all items can be embroidered and it would be best to bring it in so we can determine whether embroidery will work on it or not.

Are there pre-made designs to choose from?

All of our embroidery work is custom designed to the clients needs so your items will be one of a kind.

What is your minimum order amount?

We do minimum orders as low as one item but because of the digitizing fee keep in mind that it is more cost effective to do multiple pieces. Your apparel pieces can be in different sizes and colours.

What colours of thread are available?

With a wide variety of colours available there would be too many to list here. If you’d like to come in to one of our offices we can show you a sample book and match thread colours to your design. This is also dependent on what colour of apparel you are getting embroidery on.

How much will the embroidery cost?

Every embroidery design is different from the amount of stitches, colours of thread, number of garments, and setup (digitizing) involved contact us.for a quote on the design you want and we can let you know the amount.
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