Specialty printing adds a whole other “Wow” factor to your branded promotional and internal materials. Use smart and innovative visual communications solutions to streamline your identity. Use our die cutting services for fun shapes. Print your photos on canvas. Need something completely custom? Contact us!

Draw the Attention of Passerby's with Bold and Colourful Posters!

What Posters Can Do For You

It’s amazing how many clients love to use posters – or the number of ways they use them. Promote your events, sales, causes and more with posters. There are plenty of reasons they work. .
Eye-catching Sizes
Posters come in multiple sizes. You can have anything from standard letterhead all the way to billboard or any other custom-size.
Traffic Stopping Colours
Full colour posters are magnets to our minds. When branded posters are used they enforce a sense of awareness among the community and your target audiences.
Big Bold Fonts
Make it easy for people wandering past to read your offer, notice your logo, contact information and other relevant details.
They Keep Their Good Looks
With the modern printing techniques you can get everything from weather resistant UV that lasts in all weather, to glossy and luxurious finishes for indoors.
Strand Media