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Meet Road Authority Standards, Keep Your Crew & Passerbys Safe with Traffic Signs

Give direction and provide information to Alberta drivers and pedestrians with proper traffic and safety signs. Traffic signs are used to inform drivers of regulations, warn of road conditions, and provide necessary information such as ongoing construction. Make sure your company or community is meeting road authority standards for all drivers and pedestrians with Strand Media’s traffic and safety signs.

Traffic Signs Catalogue Information

Class R, Regulatory Signs
Regulatory signs indicate traffic regulations for specific times & places. To disregard a regulatory sign is a violation of the highway traffic act.
RA – Right of Way
Right-of-way control signs indicate right of way for drivers on the approaches to an intersection, or for pedestrians at a crosswalk.
RB – Road Use
Road use control signs indicate the permitted or prohibited use of a road. This sub-class includes signs relating to the control of speed, turns, direction of travel, passing, traffic lane usage, vehicle weights and dimensions, parking, pedestrians and other road users.
RC – Miscellaneous
Misc. regulatory signs indicate regulations that are not otherwise provided for in Class R
Class W, Warning Signs
Warning signs provide an advance indication of conditions on or adjacent to a road that are potentially hazardous.
WA – Road Conditions
Physical conditions signs indicate features or conditions of the road itself.
WB – Regulation Ahead
Traffic regulations ahead signs provide advanced warning of a traffic regulation on a road.
WC – Hazard Ahead
Intermittent or moving hazard signs indicate the possibility of a situation that may require a driver response.
WD – Work Zones
Used to regulate, warn and guide drivers in work zones where construction, maintenance or utility activities, or other temporary or unusual conditions are on or adjacent to the road.
Class I, Guide & Information
Guide & information signs indicate information for route selection, locating off-road facilities, or identifying points of interest.
IA – Destination
Destination guide signs provide driver orientation by means of destinations, direction, distance and location identification.
IB – Route Markers
Route marker signs indicate numbers, names or other designations of roads.
IC – Services
Off-road services signs indicate the availability of, and direction to, off-road services or recreational facilities.
ID – Miscellaneous
Misc. information signs indicate information that’s not otherwise provided for in Class I.
IF – Highway Guide
Highway guide signs provide information and guidance on highways.
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